Update on future writing plans

Greetings, readers. On July 13th, 2013, I will be 48 years old. In my 47+ years of life I have, writing wise, accomplished two small books, one play and my blog. Not bad material, but I’m a tad disappointed at my volume and quality of my work. I have a tough act to follow. My dad, Professor Joseph J. Kockelmans wrote 30 books dealing with philosophy and religion. I guess I am comparing myself to that kind of production and I just don’t stack up.

I am about to make a slight career change. I’ve always loved writing, but not prose writing. After this next book comes out, hopefully by August, I’ll be turning my attention back to play writing. That’s where I think my true talent lies. My first play, Kimberly, was a cute little play. Now I want to knock people’s socks off with a powerhouse. That will take dynamic characters, a great plot and excellent writing. Have I got it in me? Do I have the right stuff? I think so . . . with a lot of work.

I have, for fun, written little one-act plays since I was an early teenager. I, of course, was never going to show my work to anyone at that time because they were extremely unpolished. I just knew I loved writing and wanted to get better at it. Rebecca has numerous folders chock full of ideas for that next big writing project. One of them, I’m sure, could be developed into a play. And even if not, I have an idea which I’ve been working on, on and off, for about eight years. I’ve got the notes in a tablet somewhere in my apartment.

Does this mean I will never write another book? No. CreateSpace.com, along with Rebecca’s expertise and talents, has made book publishing almost effortless and fairly inexpensive. When I go back to playwriting, however, I will eventually have to hook up with an agent or someone of the like. As far as I know, CreateSpace.com does not publish plays.

Now to wrap up and on a slightly different topic, the frigid weather has finally broken here in Central PA. We might actually get above freezing today. Tomorrow morning we will have those two words that I always hate; wintry mix. Looks like I won’t be going out for my morning coffee. With no outside appointments scheduled, I might take this evening to do some computer work, watch a few movies, and then sleep in tomorrow morning. Until quite soon, take care, enjoy your day, and happy reading.

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