Woke up to a winter wonderland

Greetings, readers. Last night’s weather forecast called for freezing rain followed by a little bit of snow. Ha ha. I awakened this morning to 3-5 inches of the white stuff. A cab driver told me that in his estimation the precipitation changed over to snow sooner than expected. Early this afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment and I was happy to see that the roads were completely passable by noon-time. My doctor’s visit was fruitful and she gave me tips and tools on how to better cope with my occasional bouts of mild depression.

My kitty cat just came to visit and cuddle with me, and that reminds me that her recent vet visit yielded perfect results. According to her records, Keekee is a year older than I thought she was. I got her from a woman who was leaving the building when Keekee was just a kitten.

 My vet gave me a certain kind of cat food which is supposed to help with tartar build-up.  According to my vet, her breed is a domestic longhair and her color scheme is calico. Apparently, domestic longhair have trouble with their teeth and gums; extra-special attention must be paid to that or, as I found out, tooth loss will become a problem.

Moving right along, the idea for my third book is coming clearer into focus now. I’m going to choose the best 35-50 blog entries from my first year of blogging and put them in a book. If it sells at all, I might do it every year, who knows. Between you my readers, me, and the wall, I have enjoyed blogging a thousand percent more than I thought I was going to. It truly is fun to get my opinion and point of view across to readers.

Until Friday, stay healthy during this flu season, which I’ve heard is a bad one, and happy reading.

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