An unusual Saturday entry

Greetings, readers. Here in State College it is a rare, mostly sunny day, yet it is cold. The wind has been blowing on and off in varying intensities, having an effect on my comfort level. Some people love the winter time. I am not one of those people. I love sunny and warmer. I know, I know, skiing enthusiasts would tell me to move to Florida. Rebecca and I switched our Friday workday to today, making today a rare Saturday at work.

I am in the process of reading a romance novel as research to get ready to begin my own. I was only ten pages into it and already it was getting a little bit racy. The book is called Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas. Even though I am not a huge reader, I must admit the book had no trouble holding my interest. I even got through the prologue – ha ha. One of the reasons I am doing research is that early in my writing career I wrote things such as a play and a first draft of a movie script. Obviously, these two projects were strictly dialog. I must become more proficient at writing prose. I must make readers see what I am seeing in my head. I’ve never had any trouble watching that movie in my head. During some of my insomnia nights I’ve “watched” scene after scene. My big problem is getting it down on paper or the computer.

On to another mini-topic, readers. Over the last two years, I have formed a friendship with someone living here in State College (name omitted). Tomorrow, at approximately three in the afternoon, I get to find out whether or not that friendship is still intact. In the small community where I live, nestled deep in State College, privacy is at a premium, and the words of others has sparked difficulty between my friend and me. If the friendship does go kerflery, I will take full responsibility. I was looking to go to the next level and I doubt very seriously whether my friend was. I have put undue and unwanted pressure on her and if that is what will cause the friendship to fail, rather than other people’s gossip, I will truly feel upset with myself. I jumped the gun. To end on a happy note, on Wednesday a blog post from Rebecca will be put up.

Take care, have a great rest of your weekend, and happy reading.

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