I hate technology! :-( Just kidding

Greetings, readers. Earlier today Rebecca and I were almost finished with our original blog entry. It was titled “My thoughts on Facebook.” Just as we were trying to do an edit and spell check, something went awry with our internet connection and we lost seven-tenths of what I had written, even though I saved a draft before reconnecting to the internet. Very discouraging! We moved to a different location, where the internet connection is stronger and more secure.

Well, it’s going to take me a day or two to reconstruct that entry but we will put it up soon enough. Right now we are just trying to get through today, hoping that the snow storm does not interrupt power or the internet connection. In State College, the snow started about 11 o’clock this morning and is still falling heavily.

The rest of this post will be me blowing off steam about the loss of work time (which was my fault because I only had a certain amount of time for the internet connection I was using and I forgot to check the time) and how much I tend to dislike technology at times. Oh, it is wonderful when things work but when I tell my phone to call someone and it asks which message type, I want to throw the phone across the room. The latest innovations now are the smart phones and smart TVs. I certainly hope something is smarter than this phone I have now.

On to some other news, just to finish up, I had a spectacular Christmas Eve, a wonderful time at Christmas dinner at Godmother’s, and I am looking forward to polishing off the holiday season by going out to celebrate the New Year. I’m not really a bar-goer, but I might make an exception this time around.

I shall begin to reconstruct the Facebook blog later on today and either I will put it up myself, or Rebecca and I will post the blog on Friday. Tomorrow is a creation workday, weather permitting.

If you are in the bad weather, stay safe. Take care, and happy reading.

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