Top ten list of ways to get inspired

Greetings, readers. Today’s top ten list popped into my brain about an hour ago. Rebecca and I are calling it the top ten places where inspiration can come from. I define inspiration as a feeling of upliftment and a source of ideas.

#10. Animals (They lift us up when we’re low, just by their unconditional love)

#9. Daily life (For example, we might overhear someone at the grocery store that sparks a story idea or project idea)

#8. Your kids (Kids are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for)

#7. Songs and music

#6. TV (Entertainment gives us inspirational true stories, and can also give us story or project ideas)

#5. Books (Same as TV)

#4. Teachers (A great teacher who holds their student’s attention or goes out of their way to help someone, often inspires that person to want to teach or be like their favorite teacher)

#3. Friends

#2. Family (Larger families especially inspire the other family members and support them no matter what)

#1. Church sermons and faith

Until next week, take care and happy reading.

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