On with the show, times 2

Greetings, readers. Thank God this election is over. I’m not going to tell you if my man won or not, but even if he didn’t, I’m just so glad that this whole two-year political bombardment is done. Between the primaries, the debates, the advertisements on TV and radio, MSNBC and FOX News’ round the clock analysis, I couldn’t take it one more day.

Oddly enough, though I did not scour webpages, I did pay very close attention this time around to the candidates, especially on the national scene. What I fear happening in years to come, however, is going to be right after the inaugural speech that we will have ads from candidates for the next election. Note to political heads: Stop the madness!

I stayed up until 2:30 last night watching speeches from both the winner and the loser, and found both people to be gracious and eloquent. I sincerely hope that republicans, democrats, and independents, can put their differences aside and take care of the people they are representing; the citizens of the United States. This country has problems that need solved and it’s not going to happen by one party trying to block the other just so they can win the White House four years from now.

On to another topic. Rehearsal for my new show is coming along splendidly. I’m sure my Beatles performance next month with a friend of mine will be a smashing success. So far my play list stands at 28 songs. If that seems a bit long to you, remember that most early Beatles songs were just slightly over two minutes. Be that as it may, I’m going to talk to my friend and see if there are any songs which she wishes to whittle out.

This coming week, besides writing, I will have to begin my mental and physical preparation for the show. I’m not as young as I used to be, and an intense air guitar air drum show does take a lot out of me. I’ve already decided that if I start huffing and puffing after two songs, I shall bag the air guitar and just concentrate on the vocals. There is a very slight chance that one or two songs will be recorded and possibly put up on the blog at some point.

Until next time, take care, enjoy the weather if it is nice where you are, and happy reading.

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