Happy Friday to all! 11/2/12

Greetings, readers. As I begin my usual Friday blog post, a number of things are weighing on my mind. First, the weather forecasters tell us that we are still going to see a fair amount of cloud cover today, and our first sunny day since the storm won’t be until tomorrow. Note to Lord: I am a depressed person. I need my sunshine!

Second, work is finally proceeding nicely. This is putting me in a better mood. For a while it was feeling like I was pulling teeth just trying to write two sentences that weren’t crap. Writing assistant Rebecca has been a source of inspiration with suggestions and exercises; most of which are paying dividends.

Third, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s weekly Dungeons and Dragons gaming day. When I first started playing, almost two years ago, I didn’t think I would get into it as much as I have. It’s quite fun on a Saturday afternoon. We laugh, we joke, and we kill some nasty beasties.

Lastly, as the month ahead needs planning, I must sit down with pen and paper and plan out as best I can my spending schedule for the rest of November. Recently I have been a spend-thrift. This must be slowed down. You see, living in a small apartment, going out is nice, but with the price of coffee on the rise, places like Panera Bread, Ye Old College Diner in downtown State College, and Dunkin’ Donuts must be cut back. : (  Actually, learning to make my money go further has been a goal of mine. So everyone please wish me good luck on this.

Have a great weekend. Please do chime in to any of my recent posts if you wish. Take care and happy reading.

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