Two writing projects now in the works

Greetings, readers. After much frustration and much debating on what my next writing project will be, I have decided on two of them. The first is a period piece set in the Edwardian era and the second will be another memoir book, dealing with more personal stories of my own life rather than life at camp. This new memoir book idea hit me overnight and literally woke me up out of a sound sleep.

While the Edwardian piece still needs planning, the memoir project can get us underway creatively, which will certainly make me feel more productive as a human being. I must admit right now I feel like a time waster. Being sick twice in the last three months, and having to stop and recuperate, didn’t help matters.

I am quite certain that the changing temperatures of the early fall contributed to my slight health demise. It seems a number of people have got the cold. I know for a fact at my favorite coffee stop, Panera Bread, I was told that almost every worker had it at some point or another. But with me on the mend, I feel very optimistic that I can finally engage the engines, put them in first gear, and get down to some good work.

On a lighter note, I am watching my cat Keekee race back and forth in the apartment. Rebecca pointed out something last week that is apparently true. When I have my blinds and/or window open, Keekee is much more active. And that’s a good thing. She is only five years old and we don’t want her acting like a grandma quite yet.

Finally, congratulations to the Penn State Nittany Lion football team for winning their homecoming game vs. Northwestern. It came down to the last few minutes but they pulled it out 39 – 28. Yay us. Until quite soon, take care, have a good week, and happy reading.

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