Flight Simulator X helps fight my depression

Greetings, readers. Today I will be blogging about one of my favorite computer programs. It’s called Flight Simulator X, by Microsoft. Not only is the attention to detail more than I could have imagined, but the program also has one interesting and unexpected benefit. It helps fight my depression.

Yes, I have suffered from mild depression for many years now. My health is holding its own at the current time, but there are some days, and sometimes some weeks, when I just don’t feel like myself. Flight Sim X, as I call it, aids me in that.

If in real life it is a cloudy, rainy day, I can turn on my laptop, plug in my earphones, hop into an “airplane,” and climb to 25,000 feet where there is nothing but clear, blue simulated sky. And for some reason it helps. It’s a proven fact that people who live in sunny warmer climates suffer from less depression than people who live in regions that are cloudy and rainy. Now I realize that this is just a computer game, but if you use your imagination it is amazing the benefits you can receive.

Also, when my plane is cruising at 25,000 feet sometimes I will turn the camera view to outside, be a passenger, get out my tablet and begin writing. With the sound of the jet engines coming through my earphones, it blocks out all the extraneous sounds that might distract me. More often than not, ideas seem to flow better. I suppose it is because I am in my own little world under my earphones and I can fully develop whatever idea comes into my mind and put it to paper.

I was eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s next version but they “went another direction” and decided to let another company take over the flight simulation hobby market. For me, as long as this program works, I’m happy. The one thing that it really does is let me be something I always wanted to be as a young person, but couldn’t because of my health problem. Gee, how did you guess? That’s right, I wanted to be a pilot.

Until Friday, take care and happy reading.

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