A blog entry from the diner

Greetings, readers. As I was sitting here at the Ye Olde College Diner in State College, sipping coffee and thinking about life, a blog post idea came to mind. I began thinking about all the careers I wanted to have before my health issues stifled me.

When I was young, my love of airplanes prompted me to want to become an airline pilot. When my seizures began at age 16, well … there went that dream. I’ve kind of kept the dream alive by using Microsoft Flight Simulator X, a marvelous and complete airplane simulation.

Seizures also prevented me, at least in my mind, from getting any kind of strenuous job. I am physically weak from cerebral palsy, so I’ve just wanted to sit my butt down and do nothing. Then an idea hit me. Hey, I can write sitting down!

This is how I became a writer. I started off writing part-time, in between Penn State University night classes. After PSU, my writing hours increased. Don’t get me wrong, I wrote when I was younger, too. It’s just that my writing in my younger days was more for enjoyment, not for making a living.

Yes, readers, with bad health, cab driver (I like driving, too) and bus driver are out. With all the medications I take, I’d never pass the pee test. And, with the weak arms, any job that required heavy lifting wouldn’t do either. No, this is not a “poor Joe” entry, I promise. Actually, it’s a revelation piece. I’m come to the realization what I can and cannot do. And yes, I am still discovering things I can do. : )

Until soon, take care, happy reading, and have a great weekend.

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