Daily Archives: August 22, 2012

Top ten list of things that drive me nuts

Greetings, readers. This list is the top ten things, as the title suggests, that are the most pet peevey to me. Number ten, of course, will the least obnoxious and number one the most.

#10: People who park their cars where they know they shouldn’t. I live in a building that has precious few parking spots. I am sinisterly happy when illegal parkers get towed.

#9: Loud talkers in restaurants. Granted, when you have a family of nine with three children at a Denny’s, or such other family restaurant, noise at big tables is unavoidable. Tables of two or three should use something called an indoor voice. Granted, when I’m enjoying my Tuesday evening coffee with my friend Jim, sometimes I am aware that our voices travel when we are having a spirited discussion. Guilty as charged.

#8: Cars with loud mufflers. As I understand it, there are actually kits that people can purchase to make their vehicles louder and it is still legal. If you need this to prove your machoness, I suppose I can give you a hand wave . . . but just barely.

#7: Cars with extra loud horns. Again, I believe a kit can be bought to make any vehicle sound like a freight train. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been walking along the sidewalk when such cars pass by and blow their horn. With my high startle reflex, the loud noise does make me jump. CP makes me nervous that way. Sorry.

#6: Summer schedule bus service. I completely understand that our local bus system has to run fewer buses in the summer time because we are a college town and fewer students mandate fewer runs. That doesn’t mean I have to like the inconvenience.

#5: Bad announcers on sports telecasts. I’m not going to mention names here because that’s not appropriate, but I always thought that announcers were supposed to be unbiased. Let’s just say this. Some sports announcers think the Dallas Cowboys can do no wrong, even when they do.

#4: Rude people. I cannot stress enough how much I hate it when people either interrupt me on the phone when I am speaking, or do it in person. I was always taught the standard rule of etiquette that when someone was speaking to you, you closed your mouth and opened your ears. The other pet peeve with this topic are people who use excessive vulgar language. Oh, sure, once in a while I’ll let a bad word go out of frustration, but some people I have witnessed incorporate it into the English language way too much.

#3: People who talk down to me. Having Cerebral Palsy, I understand that sometimes I come across as too happy or slow. When I’m engaged in a conversation, I can tell when someone is humoring me or talking down to me. Folks, it hurts.

#2: People who are hypocrites. We just love these people who say not to do something and then turn right around and do it themselves. Case in point, I have witnessed people tell their teenagers not to drive too fast. A week later, that person is complaining to me that they got a speeding ticket. Practice what you preach.

#1: People who lie to me. This is personal to me, folks. I am leaving names out of this, but I have been burned at least three times in my life by people who have been flat-out liars. The bottom line is, it makes me feel like a chump who has been taken and never learns his lesson. So I am left with either trusting another liar and feeling stupid, or not trusting what anyone tells me, which hurts me relationships and lowers my trust in people. I am still working with this issue, but I am glad to say I am getting better with it.

Either tomorrow or Friday, Rebecca will put up a post from either this computer or the one at the library. I have given her the okie-dokie to write about whatever she wants. Her established format will be From Rebecca: topic. Until next time, take care and happy reading.