Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

A surprise Tuesday entry

Greetings, readers. As I get ready to go back to work tomorrow, I have to turn my brain back on. Yes, I’ve been on vacation in Maine and at home now for about two weeks. I always had a hard time getting back into the flow of things after vacation. Hopefully by adding an entry today, as well as one tomorrow, I shall be back into the working frame of mind.

A top-10 list will be posted tomorrow, and Rebecca will have the go ahead to put a new one of her own up on Friday. Also this week, Rebecca and I have to talk about the writing projects for the fall. As possible projects, we have two children’s book ideas, as well as Bear Spring Camps three.

I came back for Maine with 14 new story ideas. Approximately 10 to 15 more will have to be developed to have a viable BSC three. I think it can be done.

On a personal note, my old TV finally gave out. Of course, I have all my electronics going through it such as my PS3, DVD and cable box. This is going to be a major expense to replace. I found a stopgap measure, which is a fairly inexpensive, small TV at a store nearby. This I think shall get me by until at least Christmas. I’ll know more after tomorrow when I had my meeting with my accountant.

Until tomorrow afternoon, take care and happy reading.