Update 7/27/12

Greetings, readers. A number of good things have happened to me in the last few days. First, my head cold is now officially gone. Yay. Number two, thanks to Facebook, I have re-connected with two family members. And finally, number three, I have contacted a friend of mine who played a role in a staged reading of my play, Kimberly, a while back and asked her if she would like to reprise her role. Reply is still pending.

With the prospect of my play having a second staged reading, or more, my thoughts now turn to where I will get the other three participants. One man who shall play the father character lives in my building. The husband, Lyle, and his mother, Alice, are still up for grabs. For a split second on this blog post I was actually considering saying something like, “Hey readers. Anyone interested?” However, knowing my luck, I would have 500 responses.

As I will be on the road to Maine in less than a week, as always happens with me, there is too much to do and my time is dwindling. I’m sure by Thursday morning I will be ready. This morning Rebecca and I had a pre-work meeting at our local bakery and of course my alarm did not go off. Upon awakening, I said a few choice words, got ready and dashed over.

On to local news in my world. State College, Pennsylvania is getting ready for a relatively quiet weekend. The biggest thing I can see is that there is some kind of young people’s volleyball camp in town. More times than not Penn State will book events for the weekends during the summer months. As Rebecca pointed out to me today, why not? They have the room and the staff to get the job done.

Next week Wednesday there will not be a blog post, my friends, for I will be busy packing. But Rebecca will put at least one or two new ones up while I’m gone. My return date is August 12th and our first day back to work is August 15th. Until very soon, take care, happy reading, and I’ll take lots of pictures to put up in the gallery section : )

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