Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July

Greetings, readers. Very sorry that there was not a new blog post yesterday as I’m sure most of you expected. Rebecca and I decided to keep the office closed for the holiday. While that was nice, that just means a lot more work for today and tomorrow. We’re making plans for our summer-fall project, and I think once the engines get going it should take off rather quickly.

On to another front, I was able to view the fireworks last night from my top floor apartment window, as usual. Kitty cat Keekee and I enjoyed the show. This year she was not quite as fascinated by them as in years past. At one point, however, she saw a big moth, or something of the like, flutter across the window and tried to jump out after it. Thank goodness for double-paned glass. The fireworks display ran for approximately 45 minutes. I read once that State College, Pennsylvania, at one point, had the third best show on the east coast. Whether that is still true or not, it was most enjoyable to me and I gave it two thumbs up.

Today, Rebecca and I have to find a couple of people in my building who have shown interest in purchasing my latest book. Also, this week, I want to lay the ground work for the first in what will hopefully be a series of ten children’s books.

We should be able to put up a new blog post tomorrow, but if not, I shall try to post one before next Wednesday. Again, hope everyone had a great Independence Day. Take care and happy reading.

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