Technology … Grrr 2

Greetings readers. Today it happened again. Technology bit me somewhere where I don’t like to be bitten. Allow me to elaborate. After a night of insomnia, I decided to turn on the lights, fire up the computer, and type a story for my new book project. No sooner did I have my soft music playing, my diet Coke on the coaster, and the word processor page on the screen, then I made my mistake. I opened up what my writing assistant and I call a formatted blank page. I got it ready to use and went to save it to my project’s folder. I was then going to save that to my thumb drive. Well, I hit Copy instead of Send To and then thought I was sending the original to the recycle bin, but instead the copy didn’t work and the original folder with notes included went off into oblivion. I wonder where things go when that happens. Do they go off to cyberspace?

While sitting here dictating this blog entry, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t say, Joseph Kockelmans … Grr. Because it most likely was due to my own fatigue and lack of computer experience – of not knowing what command does what. In any event, no work got done this morning. Luckily, however, this afternoon, Rebecca and I were able to quite effectively reconstruct our outline of notes.

I’m not saying that this caused my concentration gaffe, but I have been preoccupied with a personal issue and sleep has not come easy the last few nights. Things are much better now, and hopefully the sandman will return soon.

Lastly, a mild technological dilemma. My trusty refurbished PS3 is showing signs of wearing out. So far it has frozen three times during use, and the customer service rep at our local GameStop store said that it is beginning to die. According to him, it has no more than two months of life left. Time to start scrimping and saving. Yes, readers, I am a gaming and movie geek, and cannot do without my PS3 for very long. I shall have another blog post for you either tomorrow or next week on Wednesday when Rebecca and I return to work. Until then, happy reading and happy weekend.

1 thought on “Technology … Grrr 2

  1. “Can someone tell me about the impact of Joseph Kockelmans on Bas Van Fraasen. I believe Bas studied with him and I am interested in some of the connections between Kockelmans’s phenomenological account of the philosophy of science and the approach developed by Van Fraasen.


    Phillip Sloan Program in History and Philosophy of Science University of Notre Dame >”


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