Bear Spring Camps 2 is ahead of schedule

Greetings, readers. It is a lovely warm day here in State College, PA., and I’ve got some good news to share. My writing assistant, Rebecca, and I have been working feverishly the last couple of weeks, and now seem to be slightly ahead of schedule for the release of Bear Spring Camps book 2. It is set to titled Tales from North Bay and Beyond: More Bear Spring Camps Stories. I had figured to have it out this coming September at the earliest. Now, unless we hit a snag, July or August is not out of the realm of possibility.

Camp book 2, as I call it, is going to have a slightly different format than the first. It shall be comprised of five longer anchor stories along with many shorter stories in 4 categories, which we call basketfuls. We are having just as much fun creating this book as we did the first, and I’m sure that my camp friends and family will enjoy it.

Small update about book 1, Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories. We now have it for sale in one of our local stores, Appalachian Outdoors as previously blogged, with a second store possibly to follow. Everybody, please cross you fingers. I shall keep you posted. It is still available on Amazon, from your local bookseller, or from my e-store

If you are having sunny warm weather where you are, enjoy. If not, chin up, better weather shall arrive quickly. Take care, and until soon …

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