Update on miscellaneous

Good day to you all. Here in State College, PA., it is the first semi-warm day of early spring. The temperature is near 60°. Whoo-hoot. Here are some updates for you about things that are going on with me.

First, for those of you who read and enjoyed my blog entry on the new United States Football league, and were expecting it to begin in two weeks, don’t hold your breath. I read on a website that I follow that the venture has been acquired by a company in San Diego, California, and is now going to begin in the Spring of 2013. Again, I say, why even try? But we shall see.

Secondly, due to circumstances beyond my control, my writing assistant and I are going to have to concentrate on my book much for the next couple of months. New blog posts will probably be decreased in number to one or two a week. More if possible.

Thirdly, and lastly, MBL 12 The Show came out yesterday. Again, I say, OMG. What I’ve seen so far is awesome. I wanted to experiment with it more yesterday, but back spasms had me flat on my recliner most of the evening. : (  I shall, however, continue to learn every facet of the game in the weeks to come and will let you all know. I can say this, the pre-release hype was not over-exaggerated.

Oh, P.S. On Google maps, I may have seen a picture of my father’s old house in Holland. I typed in our last name and the town in which he was born. Lo and behold, a picture of a house came up with an address. I have emailed my cousin to verify whether this was Dad’s family home or the home of another Kockelmans family member. Speaking of Pop, we are very close to obtaining all the information I wish to have so as to be able to make my blog entry about my father something special.

Until very soon, Take care.


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