Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

Life with Keekee, my kitty

For over five years now, I have enjoyed my kitty cat named Keekee. She will be six years old in March and I’ve had her for almost all of her life. She is a domestic house cat with a calico color scheme. She belonged to a woman who lived in the apartment building and when she moved out she couldn’t take Keekee with her. At first, thinking I was going to be deathly allergic, I wasn’t certain if this all was going to work out. It seems, however, that Keekee and I were made for one another. A perfect fit. We have our little rituals such as her daily treats and her evening milk twice a week.

I got some distressing news a little while back that my girl will have to have some teeth extracted. It’s going to be a little on the expensive side but she’s worth it. As I have told her many times, she’s the best little kitty in the whole kitty kingdom. One day quite soon I shall endeavor to put a picture on this site to show her off.

It’s funny how time flies, for it seems like I got her just yesterday. Cats do seem to have long lives, some in excess of 15 years or more. Odds are she will be my buddy for many more years to come.