Here’s a little something about me

Hi there everyone. Today my friend, and writing assistant, Rebecca and I more or less figured out the basics of WordPress. There is still a lot to be learned and I think that each day we’ll learn a little more. On a writing note, a new story was created today in first draft form for the second installment of Bear Spring Camps stories.

Here in Central Pennsylvania the cold weather has set in and I find it cozy to stay inside with the heater on and write. My kitty cat Keekee is always nearby, mostly sleeping. She is a domestic longhair with calico colors. She’s five and she’s my buddy.

Just a little bit more about me. I was born in Pittsburgh, moved to State College in 1968 when I was three. I began writing in my 20s and have loved it ever since. I’ve taken stabs at screenplay writing, play writing, and short stories. I have one play under my belt, titled Kimberly, which had a stage reading at a local theatre about an hour away. Response was positive.

With the work week winding down, I will make every effort to post next Wednesday.

Happy New Year to all and take care.

1 thought on “Here’s a little something about me

  1. Hi my friend. Had trouble typing in the url for your blog. I yahoo searched your name with the middle M and it brought up a few links, including one of your blog posts. We may indeed have to call WordPress on Wednesday and ask what’s up. Talk to you soon. Your writing assistant, Rebecca


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